Annual admission is given to Boys and Girls to LKG on submission of the following documents:
  1. Transfer certificate in original for U.K.G to standard XII.
  2. Character and conduct certificate.
  3. Original Birth Certificate for all classes.
  4. Progress Report card / marks sheet.
  5. Pupils coming from schools affiliated to other boards will have to appear for an entrance test.
  6. All new admissions to L.K.G will be made at the beginning of the session. (Admission notification will be advertised in the leading Newspapers)
  7. Application for registration on prescribed forms must be made at the beginning of January. Normally registration will be open only for L.K.G class. Children who have completed four years are eligible for admission.
  8. The name and date of birth of the pupil entered at the time of admission cannot be altered.
  9. All applications for withdrawal should be made to the Principal, through the office, after clearing all dues to school.
  10. Pupils detained twice in the same class shall not be entertained for the third year. Such pupils should be withdrawn.
  11. The Transfer Certificate may be collected from the office of the Principal three days after the date of application.