Physics Lab

“I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand”.

True to this ancient saying, we emphasize hands-on practical work, as far as possible to help our students understand the theories of physics. Lab work helps bring forth the child’s innate curiosity and channelizes it into a systematic exploration. Thus, learning through experiments becomes an integral part of physics. To enhance the learning ability, skills with hands on material, the school has a well equipped Physics Lab.

Physics Lab is equipped with all the instruments and gadgets (as per the ISC and ICSE requirements) which help the students learn the concepts of physics in a simplified manner thus making the subject more interesting to them.

The laboratory is spacious and well ventilated.

The lab is well stocked with sufficient apparatus for 40 students to work together at a time. Sufficient materials to be used as teaching aids like charts, models etc. are stored in the lab.

All these excellent facilities help the children to practically and successfully carry out the experiments, which they learn in the theory. This increases their interest in the subject while instilling in them the joy of learning.

Chemistry Lab

The High School Chemistry laboratory is a modern, well-stocked laboratory. The lab can accommodate 48 ICSE students and ISC students at a time. The lab has state of art instruments and apparatus. A preparation room is attached to the lab for stocking chemicals and preparation of reagents. All experiments are demonstrated by the teacher at the demonstration table before the students perform the experiments.

Biology Lab
The Biology Lab is well equipped with working models and apparatus which enables the students to have a practical approach to the theory subjects prescribed in the (ISC and ICSE) syllabus. The aquarium and the projector in the Bio Lab helps the students to connect with the living world and enhance their learning experience.
Computer Lab
Our school has taken the responsibility of providing education in computer science from standard I to the ISC. Three computer labs give access to learning through technology. They are equipped with scanners, printers and powerfully configured multimedia computer to prepare them for the world of tomorrow. Students are encouraged to participate in IT competitions.
The library is the focus of many activities designed to encourage reading. The school has two libraries with a treasure trove of books authored by various writers. It also subscribes to a number of weekly, monthly and annual magazines. Students are encouraged to inculcate reading so as to widen their intellectual horizons. Our libraries are well- equipped with facility for our students to browse and learn.
Senior Library   Junior Library
Robotics Lab

Robotics technology and principles is taught in a fun and creative way in class room environment. On an average, subject such as Mathematics, Physics and other Science are considered some of the most stressful and difficult to learn classes for young as well as older school children across the continents. With pressure from parents and teachers to score high grades, often the child's creativity is neglected. Robotics Education in our school is stress free, creative, interactive and fun way of learning various concepts of Math and Science.

We have well equipped Robotics Lab and five trained teachers to teach Robotics. Students learn to make models and program them in groups of five. Studies have shown that students enrolled in learning Maths, Science and IT using Robotics program have a lot more interest in Science subject and have gone on to excel in their subjects.