“Music is to the soul what food is to the body “

Music plays a huge part in life at St.John’s. We try to involve as many pupils as possible in musical plays and choirs.


St. John's Junior Choir is a collection of talented and gifted children from Std’s III & IV. The Choir was invited by the Old Women's Orphanage Home to entertain them with some Christmas Carols. The Choir is the backbone of any program in the school as they render soulful, meaningful and melodious songs for the Investiture, Prize day, Christmas program and other program’s in the school and in various competitions conducted by other institutions.

Senior Choir

St. John's High School Choir is a strong team of outstanding performers comprising 200 angelic voices. The choir is known as one of the best 'High School Choirs in Bangalore, and adds color and melody to school and the school events. The songs rendered by the choir are not only pleasing to the ear, but also touch the hearts of the listeners. They have performed in "Festival of Harmony" organized by Glorious four times in a row, and staged a Christmas musical every year.