International Dimension

A team of ten students with the Principal Mrs. Suchitra Samraj and teacher Mrs. Angeline Peter visited NASA- Kennedy Space Centre, USA on 19th April 2015. Students attended a three day camp at KSC.This year’s theme is Space Shuttle ATLANTIS from Sketch pad to Launch pad.The KSC visitor complex in Florida featured exhibits and displays, historic space craft, shuttle launch experience, a simulated ride into space. On the third day the students were honoured with certificates.The winners of the Robotics Competition, Immanuel of X B and Anton Patrick Peter of VI D were awarded medals. The lunch with the astronaut, Mr. John Mc Bride, was the most exciting experience for all the team members.We visited Disney land Magic Kingdom, Niagara Falls in Buffalo,Hershey’s Chocolate Factory,Washington DC and New York and returned to India on 30th April.

Robotics Lab

Robotics technology and principles are taught in an interesting and creative way in the class room environment. On an average, subjects like as Mathematics and Science are considered the most stressful and difficult to learn for the young and older students across the continents. With pressure from parents and teachers to score high grades, often the child’s creativity is neglected. Robotic Education in our school is stress free, creative, and interactive and a fun way of learning various concepts of Maths and Science.

In connection with the above program, the Principal and the Teacher in-charge of Robotics visited Japan in the month of May, to have a hand on experience on Robotics Technology. They visited schools, Universities and various Robotics museums in Tokyo. Their visit will definitely have an impact on our School. Five students and a teacher are going to Japan in the month of August to attend a Summer Camp on Robotics.

Studies have shown that students enrolled in learning Maths, Science and IT using Robotics program have a lot more interest in Science and have excelled in their subjects.