A Historic Milestone

In May 2003, St. John’s High School entered its 150th Year and celebrated the landmark event with a three day carnival, ‘Vintage 150’ to support the 150th year projects of the school. We have a vision to enrich the facilities of the school and also to extend a helping hand to the educationally disadvantaged. 2004 witnessed a gala get together of old students, wherein we had the sesquicentennial crowing of Mr. & Ms. John. ‘Robin Hood & Friends’, a musical and the Grand Musical Night with Usha Uthup and Enoch marked the finale of the 150th year celebration in 2004.

The School

St. John’s is firmly committed to the cause of education with emphasis on innovative concepts and techniques. The School inculcates a strong sense of nationalism in its students and appreciation on Indian art and culture. Along with intellectual nourishment, the school’s curriculum incorporates a rich, cultural and aesthetic programme. Students are given ample opportunities to explore their hidden strengths and potential. Most of the activities are channelized towards giving students an insight into their true personality. A wide range of activities and competitions like debating, elocution, singing, dancing, painting, dramatics, instil a sense of leadership and self-confidence in them.
From its inception, the school has maintained high academic standards and the school is proud. In order to achieve its consistent 100 percent success rate in the ICSE and ISC exams year after year, the school places equal responsibility on the students, teachers and parents as well.