In our school we have 11 buses, for these buses we have 14 drivers and 11 ladies bus cleaners, all our drivers are having valid Heavy transport driving license (HPV, HTV with badge) with a minimum of 8 years experience. We have regular school trip on all school working days we have morning trip, evening trip LKG / UKG trip school program trip and all kind of sports activity trip. Every Saturday we check the buses for smooth driving and driver and gent’s bus cleaner will clean the buses. We have installed the GPS and we are going to install the CCTV cameras in school buses as per the guidelines for vehicles carrying children to school and colleges – Reg given by Dr.M.A.Saleem , IPS Addl. Commissioner of police Traffic , Bangalore City.

Ref No. 1 Notification N0: Sarie 01 SAEPA 2011, dated 18-1-2013 of Transport
Department Government of Karnataka.

Ref No. 2 157/mag ( 1), Misc / 2014 dated 26-07-2014 of commissioner of police
Bangalore City.

Every 6 month we send our buses to Authorized services centre for service. We have introduce two BMTC buses from this year, we have instructed the drivers and bus cleaners to maintain the law and discipline with students, parents and the public, especially for LKG and UKG children we drop them in the class and pick them after the class to the bus with the help of the ladies cleaner, totally we have 680 children and 23 teachers travelling by our school buses, all our school buses are regularly updated with RTO works like yearly tax, FC, school permit, insurance and emission test. Our principal is very supportive to maintain the transport department to do our duties in a good way.

(Transport In charge)
Mob: 9964388090 / 9964388096