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The governing body for ISC (Indian School Certificate) and CISCE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination) headquarted in New Delhi.

The school employs continuous and comprehensive evaluation methods to assess the students’ progress.

For classes 1 to IX, Two tests , and two terminal examinations are held for all subjects throughout the academic year.

In class X, students undergo two tests, a mid-term and two model examinations to prepare to prepare for ICSE Board examinations.

The school, structured into Kindergarten (LKG-UKG), Junior (I-IV), Middle (V-VII) and Senior (VIII-XII) divisions, operates on three terms, each concluding with tests & exams. Class X students take the ICSE exams in early March. ICSE curriculum overs Compulsory Subjects like English, State language (Kannada), History & Civics and Geography elective choices including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Computer Applications, Physical Education, Commercial Application, Business Studies and Economics.

Subjects taught at the ISC level include:
Compulsory- GROUP 1
Physics, Chemistry, Math / Accounts , Economics / Psychology, Sociology

Elective 1 - Computer science or Biology/Business Studies / History, Computer Application
Elective 2 - Home science or psychology/ Commerce or Computer Application or Art / Art, Political Science, Home Science

Physical education, ART, EVS

The curriculum emphasizes SUPW (Socially useful Productive Work) and community Service alongside Life skills, Music, , Art & Craft and Physical Education. English is mandatory for all students as Pre Council regulations.