school born

A school we believe should be a place where the child loves to be at and not where he/she dreads to go. Care has been taken and attention paid to detailing the infrastructure to suit our children’s requirements. The school building is a spread across three floors and has spacious and well ventilated classrooms with green board and comfortable furniture. Students have an access to clean and filtered aqua guard water.

school born

School Library:

“Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders”

The school liberty is an integral part of teachings & learning process. Environment that empowers students to connect with, engage with and utilize information in meaningful and purposeful ways.

The superbly well stocked library houses a vast collection of books, digital sources, resources and services on a wide range of topics. The endeavor is on inculcating the reading habits in children, giving a free rein to their imagination and minds in comfortable and conducive ambience. The Reference Sections supports the curriculum and beyond.

school born

Computer Lab:

We have a state-of-art computer lab with the latest computers. We also allow students to self-study and research for their class projects under the supervision of our computer faculty. Our students are also taught how to use the correct typing techniques while using the keyboard.

school born

Chemistry Lab:

The School has a well equipped chemistry lab. All the apparatus, equipment etc required for the practical lesson of level 6 to 12 are present. In terms of equipment and chemicals the lab can be easily considered as equivalent to school lab. Best safety equipments have been installed in the lab.. It comes up as safe station to explore chemistry.

school born

Physics Lab:

Physics laboratory is one of the most well equipped lab . Practical’s are carried out regularly so that children understand Physics better by doing themselves. Various models and charts are displayed in the lab to arise the curiosity of students

Time to time, as per need according to the changed syllabus, new apparatus is purchased and old one is disposed off . The lab is fully safe against all kinds of accidents- fully ventilated, having full bright light and fire extinguishers. Even the switches are the most modern ones so that children don’t get any shock by just putting pencils or wires inside.

school born

Biology Lab:

This lab caters to students of classes VI to X.

The lab is fully equipped with latest instruments and apparatus meeting the ICSE standards. The lab is quite spacious. Demonstrations for various topics of Biology are done for the clarity of the concepts and which leads to the better understanding of the subject. This facilitates the preparation of project, which help and guide the students to keep abreast with the latest research and developments in this millennium. Exciting practical sessions form a crucial part of learning Science.

school born

Security & Surveillance:

Safety and security of students is of prime importance to us here at SJHS- St.John’s High School. Trained Guards are posted at all vantage points to safeguard children. The safety procedures at the entry gate are rigorous while screening visitors. Stringent safety norms are laid down to ensure that each and every child feels secure and protected throughout .It is not just shielding from external threats but also safeguarding them from hazards. The School is well guarded round the clock by security guards, not only at the entry gate but the entire campus. The entire premises is monitored by C.C.T.V. cameras for security purposes.

school born


The SCHOOL, owns a fleet of buses. Each The buses carry a highly trained driver, conductor. Additionally our aayas accompany the children on all the bus routes. The school operates different bus routes. The details of bus routes, pick-up and drop-off points, time schedules; and bus charges will be provided by the school at the time of admission of students.